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What is an Ordained Minister?

At a wedding in the State of Nevada, and official person must perform the ceremony, such as an ordained minister. Ordained ministers are often considered permanent clergy.

Distinctions on what makes a person an ‘ordained minister’ can vary from one religious organization or denomination to the next, but it is essentially a status established by a church.

For example, since non-denominational churches have no formal church hierarchy to approve their clergy, one must meet specific criteria that their local church board members require in order to become an ordained minister. After going through the church’s requirements and completing all the steps in the process for ordination, you can become an ordained minister at a non-denominational church.

Becoming an ordained minister allows you to become authorized to perform church rites and sacraments, such as baptisms, legal marriages, and celebrations of life.

Located in the Las Vegas area, Reverend Janet Miller is a non-denominational ordained minister and licensed to perform legal marriage ceremonies in the State of Nevada. She has performed baby blessings, celebrations of life for people and pets, commitment ceremonies and of course thousands of wedding ceremonies over the last twenty five years.

A wedding performed by Reverend Janet Miller

How Much Do Ministers Charge to Perform Weddings?

The price of an ordained minister can vary depending on a variety of factors including,

. Where are you were getting married

. Where you live

. How big this ceremony is

. How long the ceremony is

. Any additional services added on

. Premarital counseling

. Customized wedding scripts

. Rehearsals

The average cost to hire an ordained minister ranges between $200 to $400. It all depends on the ordained minister’s wedding packages that you hire, they will have their own rates and services offered, so be sure to talk about what you‘re looking for beforehand.

Reverend Janet Miller offers a few different packages and services on her website that you can choose from starting around $150.

Ordained Minister Wedding Vows

When it comes to your wedding vows, you can either write your own, use the wedding vows minister provides, or use traditional wedding vows.

With the wedding vows provided by the minister, a couple will be asked to individually repeat portions of those vows. The vows they will recite will go something like this:

“I _____, love and support you ____,

for being who you are. I want you to walk through life with me because I love you, honour you, trust you, and will cherish you all the days of my life. I promise this vow through all times.”

These vows are a symbol of love and commitment to one another. Next, the minister will have a couple do a ring exchange. The minister may bless the rings before they are placed on each other’s fingers and again the couple repeats individually, what the ring symbolizes; eternal commitment and promise to love one another for a lifetime.

To end the ceremony, the ordained minister will use the power vested in them through the State of ____ to pronounce the couple married.

If you’re looking to write your own vows for your wedding day, most ordained ministers will allow you to, just make sure you communicate your preferences first. These can make your big day with friends and family very memorable and special.

Reverend Janet Miller loves to work with all her couples to make that one most important day of their life exactly what the two of them want.

If you’re looking for an ordained minister in the State of Nevada, contact Reverend Janet Miller with any and all questions or concerns on her website today. She will happy to assist you and make your special day effortless and worry free.

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